Oud learning diary XVIII

28/03/2016 § Leave a comment

After the 10th lesson at E’s on Saturday the two pieces that I will play for the performance unit are the farahfaza samai and the bayat samai. He is also keen for me to play a taqsim in bayati, maybe this will start off the piece.

With regard to the maqamat to learn for the unit, he gave me the following:

Saba: Re, Mi, Sol, La

Rast: Do, Re, Fa, Sol

Hijaz Kar: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol

Nikriz: Do, Re, Mi bemol, Fa dez, Sol bemol, Do

With regard to the two pieces, it is very important that more stylistics are integrated into the playing such as vibrato and tremolo, and some crescendo, descecndo. At the moment and for the next two weeks the most important thing is getting the rhythm and notes correct for both pieces and I must focus on the most troublesome sections of the pieces in order to sort this out. They would be the second khana of the bayat and the third/fourth of the farahfaza. The best way to do this would be to play them with a metronome a lot slower than I currently am doing. Also it is very important to convey the enjoyment of the piece and a natural understanding.

With regard to the bayati, according to my thread on the oud forums, the F in the bayati should always have a vibrato, and the sikah [Eb] should normally not.

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