The Third Temple of Zhurong

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What is the Third Temple of Zhurong?

The temple is the last of three; the first two were located on the OCUK Minecraft server, in alpha and beta respectively. The third temple is a square, four-tier, Chinese pagoda-style temple located on the Oxygen13 server.

Where is the temple?

The temple is located at X: -224, Y: 103, Z: -354 on the server.

More about the layout of the temple:

The temple was built periodically over the May Day bank holiday weekend of April-May 2011. Unlike the first two temples, the third is designed to have real-world applications, in that its sole purpose is to house the transcription of the Tao Te Ching on each level wall and for, over time, the tenets of the Tao to be put into practice. The temple has no other in-game application, it is purely as a means of study.

The temple’s musical connections/attributes:

During the construction of the temple I was particularly interested to look into Chinese monastic music, or Chinese Taoist music, but this is surprisingly hard to come by. From my research, Yayue or any Guqin music would fit most aptly. This is still research in progress. However, the most interesting discovery I have so far encountered is the little-known Gyuto Choir of Tibet, as recorded by Huston Smith in 1967. Their method of deep overtone chanting, producing two or more notes in one voice is highly emotive and reverential, and though it seems heterodox to say so, slightly unsettling, more so than any dark or ritual ambient I have heard recently.

“More words count less”:

As the Tao is transcribed I will make a note of its more pertinent verses, to me, at least. I will update these numbers as appropriate.

2, 10,11, 13, 20


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