The Second Temple of Zhurong

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What is the Second Temple of Zhurong?

The temple is was a five-tier Chinese pagoda-style temple located on the OCUK Minecraft server. EDIT: A server reset was initiated on 27th February 2011 – R.I.P.

Where is the temple?

The temple was located at X:-6710 Y:106 Z:-2099 on the server.

Who or what is Zhurong?

Zhurong is the ancient Chinese god of fire. Zhurong is also the name of an obscure Chinese dark ambient artist on the Dying Art label, one of two artists – along with Enemite – who were responsible for my interest and fascination with Chinese history and culture.

The cover of the only Zhurong release, “Zhurong’s Anger” [2005].

Why ‘second’ temple?

The first temple of Zhurong was located on the alpha server. When Notch moved Minecraft into beta, the server basically had to start from scratch with a new map. The temple was revised as an octagonal structure, rather than rectangular like the first.

More about the layout of the temple:

The temple was built mainly between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2010. It consists of five floors which each have a theme. The temple is designed to be self-sufficient, so that no-one need venture outside it often or the surrounding area. The area around the temple is mountainous, snowy and full of trees and foliage. At night it is advisable to stay within the temple because of the heavy presence of hostile creatures after dark.

What are the writings on the ground floor of the temple?

The writings on each pillar on the ground floor are the names of Chinese gods and goddesses. There are twelve in total. The gods are as follows:

Luo Shen – A Chinese river goddess. Luo Shen is mythical figure. She became popularly known because of the poem Ode to the Nymph of the River Luo (Luo Shen Fu), composed by Cao Zhi of the Three Kingdom period [c. 200 BC].
Ch’ang-O 嫦娥 – Goddess of the Moon. Currently worshipped every year in the Chinese mid-Autumn festival.
Cuang-Mu – Goddess of Love and Sex
Hou-Chi – God of Harvest

These four are considered the most important to the temple. The rest are:


Hu-tu Goddess of Fertility
I-Ti – God of wine


Saoquing Nyang – Goddess of the clouds
Yeng Wang-Yeh – God of Death


Fu-Hsi – God of fortune
Lan Ts’ai-Ho – Goddess of Music
Wen Chang – God of writing
Ti-Kuan – Remission of sins

What are on the other floors?

The first floor is a wheat farm, with chests left for storing seeds and wheatsheaves. Farming is communal. Because this floor is at cloud level, it is generally very misty, which is unavoidable given the altitude of the temple.

The second floor is a bonsai and reed farm. Once farmed, reeds can be stored in the chests at the back of the floor.

The third floor is currently a fishery. Fishing rods are available in the chests at the back of the floor.

The fourth floor is a practical floor for storing, crafting and smelting.

Where is the nearest deep-level mine?

The nearest mine is located NE of the temple just above sea level. There are no current plans to make the mine directly accessible via the temple.

The 7000 Block Cabin path is lit to the West of the temple.

Further reading:

Eastern gods and goddesses
Dying Art Records China
Necrotica – an excellent ritual ambient blog with many rare releases.


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