Koldvoid – Ghost Staring At The World

15/08/2009 § Leave a comment

Artist: Koldvoid
Title: Ghost Staring At The World
Label: Valse Sinistre productions
Genre: Ambient

01 Nostalgia
02 Phantasma
03 Radiance

I am the proud owner of an original, hand-numbered copy of a Koldvoid album. Apparently the stock isn’t limited, but some kind and dedicated individual has taken the time to write numbers inside every front cover – not on the back where they’re supposed to be. It’s the equivalent of a supermarket or fast-food assistant leaving the space on their badge blank and writing their name on their face. In fact, a lot of them at the supermarket down my road seem to be carted back and forth from the local mental health institute, they even let them out at weekends and you have to spend lunchtimes avoiding them like motorcycles swerving cones on a practice track.

In fact, it’s hard to know much about Koldvoid at all since they’re another mouthless, faceless dark ambient entity from a remote part of Eastern Europe. We do know that the project is the work of Robert Sun – which is not a very Romanian name, so either it’s an unimaginative pseudonym or Robert has been parachuted into Romania from the UK to up the country’s quota of Westerners through artificial selection and eugenics, and good luck to him. In the meantime he’s managed to put together Ghost Staring At The World, a three-track EP of melancholic ambient clocking in at just over 22 minutes, with some nicely dark and dreamy artwork reminiscent of something you’d find on a CMI inlay. The rest of the packaging is minimal and slapdash, resembling a cardboard sleeve which Woolworths would have been proud to sell in the twilight of their retailing days, but I can’t imagine Valse Sinistre have the kind of cash injection they’d really like.

Koldvoid’s music has an unassuming, solitary feel to it. Not quite sinister or foreboding enough to fall into the realm of dark ambient, “Ghost Staring at the World” is a straight-up piece of ambient with occasional vocal samples, only nodding towards dark ambient artists such as Asmorod or Kammarheit. Its three songs are moody, contemplative pieces using slow chord progressions, occasionally tinged with cosmic chimes and melodies. However, don’t fear that the EP veers into new age territory – it’s quite mindful of itself and never strays from its own ethereal and dreamlike patterns.

Taken on its own level, Koldvoid is a relaxing, introspective piece of work. However, when compared against other ambient and dark ambient projects it doesn’t quite have the nous or gumption to hold your attention as a listener. I understand that it’s supposed to be weary, thoughtful ambient music, but this isn’t a guarantee to make it immediately interesting. It’s very easy to listen to it and drift away, but the drifting is more likely to be done by your attention span rather than being carried off on the thoughtful, fantastical world of the music itself. There’s still enough here to keep me intrigued and I’ll be keeping an eye on Robert’s projects to see what he comes up with next, though this debut EP doesn’t offer quite enough in itself to warrant repeated attention.


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